Discovery Call

Kia ora, I'm Kathleen Nora Te MatńĀtuhi Bower

 I love supporting Families and Relationships to thrive in all areas of Health, Growth & Creativity.

What does this look like?

I take you on a transformational journey from stressed out parents and partners, wired kids trying to regulate through tantrums, anxiety, disconnection and health symptoms...

To a flourishing, healthy, heart-led, cohesive household and/or partnership, where each team member feels seen, supported, and connected with creativity and intuition.

And each person seeing and experiencing life as the beautiful adventure it is meant to be!

My wish is for every Child (and Inner Child) to feel empowered in their worth, to feel loved, and to know that they have the most magical support network behind them every step of the way.

 As a Shamanic Esoteric Hypnotherapist, Frequency Healer & Astrologer, I specialize in working with your Cosmic Blueprint, your unique energy signature.

The medium through which we get to the 'root cause' of imbalance and disharmony - be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

For symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, insomnia to name a few.

I'm a Mamabear of 5, and I know from my own parenting adventures that my children are more happy, healthy and in harmony when Mum and Dad are doing good, and vice versa.

Which is why I am so deeply passionate about guiding both children and adults to place Soul into the Drivers seat, and to co-create together with compassion, magic and fun.

So that every action and decision that is made comes from heart ~ benefiting not only you and your family, but your communities as well. 

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Be it Esoteric Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Astrology for families or just for you, I have a range of packages and pricings  to make my Soul Gifts and Healing accessible to all.

Sacred Art of Hypnosis

In todays modern and complex World, it can be hard for children, adolescents, adults and relationships to thrive with so much external pressure and stress.

Pain, anxiety, depression & loneliness are but a few signals that Soul is feeling disconnected ~ Esoteric Hypnotherapy is the number one 'wholistic' way to heal the 'root cause' of any symptom. 

Spirit & Soul Healing

Energy & Vibration 

Have you ever felt at a loss, frustrated or disempowered because you cannot find the answers to your symptoms for yourself or your loved ones?

What if not only could we get to the 'root cause' of any ailment, but send healing treatments at the same time?

Yes Please I'm Curious?

Soul's Blueprint

Every single one of us is a unique individual with different emotional, mental and physical requirements, but often in relational and family dynamics these aren't taken into account.

Cue conflict, misunderstandings, arguments and stress!

How can we resolve?

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Nourish your Nervous System and bathe in a Radiant Golden Light to feel grounded, calm and empowered for your day, and to show up fully for yourself, your family and your relationships.

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